Module 1

Acting with Integrity

In Week 1 of your course you will be introduced to the Gita and provided with detailed video and written discussion about the first 2 chapters of this epic text. At the end of this week you will have the option to join a live group discussion about the topics covered. What is the Gita? How is this text applicable to our modern lives. How to wisely with integrity. What is our social duty and is renunciation the right course of action?

Module 2

Yoga of Knowledge

In Week 2 we will analyse Chapters 3 to 6 and examine how to act with detachment using our wisdom. We will use the text to learn about the self, the body and the mind and analyse how blockages in one of these areas can cause dis-ease. Using the guidance of the Gita we will discuss asceticism, meditation practice and breath control.

Module 3

Insight Awareness

In Week 3 we will examine Chapters 7-12 through the lens of 'Bhakti' (devotion). Can we transform ourselves using knowledge and converge with divine oneness as Krishna suggests? What does Krishna represent to us in our modern lives? Can love transcend all?

Module 4

Live to Serve

The Gītā's is a teaching tool for us to dissect our life experience using the self. We are encouraged to go within and ask deep etstocential questions. Then to reframe our version of reality based upon this self-inquiry. The Gītā calls us to act in line with Dharma, we have the capacity to act (or not to act) wisely once our eyes are open. In this last session we examine Chapters 13 to 18 and discuss how we apply the full teachings in our day to day lives. Lastly, we will examine improper justification and use of the Gītā over history.

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