Course Content

  1. The Removal of Obstacles

  2. The 8 Limbs of Yoga

  3. Grounding

  4. Divine Grace

  5. Purification of Toxicity

  6. Resilience and Finding Your Power

Positive Life: Philosophy & Practices

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Course Structure

This self-paced online course will cover many of the philosophical understandings that weave through the Yoga Sutras, the Vedas, Indic belief systems and Buddhist ideologies. You will be guided by your teacher through many theoretical understandings and immersive practices.

Learning Styles:

The design of this course is to cater for all different learning styles, backgrounds and belief systems. If you find that you find something challenging - specifically in relation to a practice or a theory.  You are encouraged you to sit with the discomfort of this - try things out for size before dismissing them. Then if this practice/theory is not for you, that is okay too!

 There are a variety of different types of lessons/practices inside the course. Such as audio, video and text format for the same lesson. Simply pick which method you prefer, for example, reading something rather than watching a video.

This course provides 50hrs of Professional Development.

Your Teacher

Em Jones

Lead teacher

Em is a registered Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia and Yoga Alliance side by side with this she is was a High School Teacher for 25 years. Where she has not only taught academically and mentored dozens of graduate teachers. She is a 'Wellbeing Warrior' having developed many programs for students. She has studied MBSR + MBST and run programs in schools and in the community for nearly ten years. Her wellbeing work has enabled her students to develop innate skills to prevent anxiety, depression and other forms of dis-ease that afflict us in todays society. She now offers online training to Yoga Teachers and Students in Mindfulness Meditation to empower others and bring calm to our frantic lives. Em is jovial and kind and will nurture you through your studies, she will tailor the course to your individual needs and be there with you step by step along the way. She has studied and practiced many pathways of yoga in a variety of settings, such as Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa + Yin Yoga. She continues to study and has a love of learning and sharing with her students. Em is passionate about Karma yoga, giving back. She is the founder of Yogathering a not for profit yoga organisation in Brisbane which provides yoga and mediation to the community. Yogathering's Studio is in Teneriffe, where classes are offered 4 times per week for a gold coin donation.

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